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Algonquin Valley Branch

Welcome to the website of the Algonquin Valley Branch (AVB) of the National Association of Federal Retirees. The Association is a Not-for-Profit Corporation with its headquarters in Ottawa and a membership of approximately 175,000 individuals distributed all across Canada.

Membership in the Association is open to anyone who is paying or has paid into or is receiving a pension from:

  • Atomic Energy of Canada Limited,
  • the Canadian Armed Forces,
  • Canada's Public Service, and/or
  • the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

In addition, the following are eligible to join:

  • federally-appointed judges,
  • honourably-discharged non-pensioned veterans, and
  • anyone who is receiving a survivor benefit from the pension plans mentioned above.

The AVB serves Renfrew County and organizes a diverse range of local events. The Branch has approximately 2,150 Members, and its activities are organized by a volunteer Executive and Members who serve on committees. The AVB works closely with the Association’s National Office and in cooperation with the nearby branches serving Ottawa, the Ottawa Valley, and Cornwall & District.

Broadly-speaking, the Association’s work is to significantly improve the quality and security of retirement for our members and all Canadians through advocacy and the provision of services. In addition, Members benefit from a wide range of discounts and enhanced services provided by our Preferred Partners.

For more information and to join us, please click on the links below. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

National Website Join Us Now

Algonquin Valley Branch Report for the lastest Issue of SAGE


  • NOTE: CAA contact information – If you wish to take advantage of the savings, please make your query to CAA North and Eastern Ontario using their toll- free Corporate Telephone line 1-866-220-1205 or e-mail
  • If you wish to take advantage of the savings, please make your query to CAA North and Eastern Ontario using their
  • Toll- free Corporate Telephone line 1-866-220-1205 or e-mail

Branch Events in 2023

  • The schedule for 2023 is under development - watch below for events.
  • Paul Ballantyne has done some digging and generated a table of the members of the AVB Board/Executive since the Branch was created in 1985. The table is available here.  Your corrections and additions to the table are welcome by sending an email to the Branch at

Return to Work?

Branch Annual Meeting - Carefor Presentation and Griffith Farms Frozen Meals

Petawawa Showcase 2024 April 26-28

Scammer Awareness: Keeping informed in 2023 (Alex Stephens, 2023 February 23)

**** An Important Reminder about MEDOC Insurance ****

If you have purchased MEDOC Travel and Medical Insurance as a member of the
National Association of Federal Retirees, please remember that if you allow your
membership with the Federal Retirees to lapse, your MEDOC coverage
automatically stops. The simple reason for this is that Federal Retirees
members receive favourable MEDOC premium rates through the Federal Retirees’
group plan with Johnson. If you are no longer a member of our
group, you are not entitled to coverage at the Federal Retirees’
preferred rate. You might then take out MEDOC insurance yourself – but at a
higher premium than as a member of the Federal Retirees; the difference may well be
greater than your annual membership fee to the Federal Retirees.